About the name of our wine

The name comes from Stoic philosophy. Seneca quotes Heraclitus saying “We go down twice into the same river, and yet into a different river. For the stream keeps the same name but the water has already flowed past.”

This speaks to many of our experiences in life. The books we read at 18 read quite differently when we re-visit them when we’re 38 or 58. The music we once listened to sounds quite different when re-visited twenty years later. And the paintings, the films, much of culture is about experiencing it anew, according to our seasons of life. We are constant flow.

When I listen to the Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet today, an album recorded in 1968, it sounds masterful, complete, beautiful, and utterly different from the difficult, uneven album I heard as a young person in the late 1970’s when I wanted a simpler, steadier pop sound.

And so in wine. We come back to the wines we love, and the best of them always reveal something new. Some of the wines we loved twenty years ago no longer do it for us. And the same bottle reveals new aromas and textures from first glass to last, from one year to another.