Vin de France Orange 2022

Our first vintage of “Orange” wine comes from the same terroir as our red and 2021 Rosé wines; it’s a perfect terroir for producing the kind of wines we love: pure, refreshing, and easy drinking.

This is the beautiful, historic wine region of the Ventoux, near Gigondas and Vacqueyras. It’s a landscape of hills and mountain, wild Provençal herbs that perfume the air, pine woods, lavender, olive trees, vines, and beautiful light. The dry, sunny Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing grapes. The Ventoux, at 1900m, is Provence’s highest mountain and named after the word for wind “vent”. We get some altitude here; our vines are planted at 150 to 220m, with plenty of natural ventilation. The cooling winds and relative altitude gives the wines an unusual and natural freshness which is a great counter balance to the sun-soaked richness of the fruit.

Orange means it’s a wine from white grapes which is made like red wine. We used a blend of 5 different grapes to get a balance of aromatic richness, freshness, skin ripeness and complexity: Grenache Blanc 30%, Rolle 25%, Viognier 20%, Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains 15%, and Roussanne 10%. The crushed berries were put into tank to ferment on the skins for 3 weeks. The result is a wine that’s distinctive due to its slightly orange hue and the gentle astringency that comes from fermentation on the skins. It also has thrilling fruit aromas, great freshness and relatively low alcohol. The blend of grapes and skin contact gives a truly orange spectrum of aromas with notes of orange peel, mango, pineapple, apple, white flowers and white pepper. It’s light to medium-bodied, bone dry yet juicy and creamy with a nice saline acidity on the finish. This really is a fresh take on this beautiful terroir in Provence.

The vines are mostly between 5 and 10 years old, some are 40 years old and all are grown on poor, stony, clay-limestone soils. Organic after flowering, the vineyard is farmed for sustainability with minimal treatments and use of tractor.

We selected the younger vines because it was the young vines that both corresponded with the blend we wanted to make and because they were maturing at the right time to co-ferment.

The wine is made with a light touch, fermented and aged in stainless steel tank by native yeast with the temperature controlled to 22º, not too low, in order to allow a broad spectrum of aroma. There are no additives, and no manipulations other than a light but prudent dose of sulfur.

The wine was bottled on March 17 2023, with a Diam Origine 5 cork, and without a capsule, both choices being for sustainability,  to reduce the carbon footprint, and for the condition of the wine.

Alcohol 12.5%
SO2 Total 60 mg/L
Total Acidity 3,30 | pH 3,55
Production 12,000 bottles