Vin de France Rosé 2022

Same River Twice Vin de France Rosé 2022 is our second vintage of Rosé to come from the same terroir as our other wines. It’s the same blend as 2021 but a different expression due to the season’s weather, which was warmer and sunnier. 2022 is more rich red fruits but still has a lemon-y lift.

It’s a blend of 60% Cinsault and 40% Grenache Noir. Cinsault is similar to Grenache Noir but lighter and juicier. Cinsault also brings out a raspberry, peach and lemon citrus fruit flavours, Grenache Noir brings out herbes de Provence, strawberry and red cherry fruit, and provides depth and bass notes. The wine is dry, light to medium-bodied, and at 12.5% alcohol much lighter than is typical of wines from our region. It has low acidity but super freshness and a gentle tannin to support simpler dishes and grills. It’s a clean, persistent, feel-good wine.

We release the wine after at least 6 months ageing in bottle and usually one winter since the wine is all the more interesting for extra time in bottle. And the colour is deeper than is typical of southern French Rosés. We deliberately achieve this by doing a very slow pressing to get a touch of extraction which also gives the wine a little more depth, texture and flavour.

It comes from the same terroir as our other wines which is where we get our typical balance of freshness and fruit richness. We are blessed with a perfect terroir for producing the kind of wines we love to drink and love to produce: wines with clear and rich fruit flavours, good balancing acidity, and the energy you get when the wine really tastes of the fruit it’s made from.

Our terroir is the beautiful, historic wine region of the Ventoux, near to but quite distinct from Gigondas and Vacqueyras. It’s a landscape of hills and mountains, wild Provençal herbs that perfume the air, pine woods, lavender, olive trees, vines, and beautiful light. The dry, sunny Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing grapes. The Mt Ventoux which forms the backdrop to the region, at 1900m, is Provence’s highest mountain and named after the word for wind “vent”. Our vines are planted at 150 to 220m, with plenty of natural ventilation, and this combination of cooling winds and relative altitude where the vines grow gives the wines an unusual and natural freshness for our region which is a great counter balance to the sun-soaked richness of the fruit.

The vines themselves are 20 to 40 years old, grown on poor, stony, clay-limestone soils. Organic after flowering, the vineyard is farmed for sustainability with minimal treatments and tractor use. While all our fruit is grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides and using basically organic methods (we do sulfur to control mildew) we don’t formally certify all wines because of the additional cost, both financially and to the environment, to meet standards which would actually mean more carton footprint and a more expensive bottle of wine for you.

The wine is made and aged with a light touch in steel tank using natural yeasts. We first de-stem the fruit and press it to extract juice the juice into steel tank where it ferments for around 2 weeks after which we rack it and return it to the same tank to age. There are no additives, and no manipulations, other than a light dose of sulfites.

It was bottled on April 19 2023 in a clear relatively lightweight bottle (460gm) and sealed with a Diam Origine 5 cork (the best for sustainability and for the wine) and without a foil capsule (to further reduce the carbon footprint).

Alcohol 12.5%
SO2 Total 57 mg/L
Total Acidity 3,16 | pH 3,37
Production 9,000 bottles